Worker's Compensation: Fabrication Shop Widow

asbestos worker's compensation death benefits widow

Betty’s husband Ron owned and operated his own small fabrication shop where he cut and sanded asbestos cement board on a daily basis.

Since there were no warnings on the products, Ron had no idea he was being exposed to toxic asbestos fibers which would eventually lead to his diagnosis of mesothelioma.

After Ron’s death, Betty turned to McDermott-Hickey for help.

We were able to locate documents which showed Ron’s purchase of the asbestos containing board.

We were also able to locate a former employee of Ron’s who described their work with and exposure to the asbestos board.

RESULT: With this information we were able to obtain Worker’s Compensation death benefits for Betty. We also obtained a large confidential settlement with the company that supplied the asbestos board to Ron’s business.