Worker's Compensation: Plant Worker Widow

occupational disease mesothelioma worker's compensation widow plant worker

Joe worked for several years in the 1960’s in a plant where he dumped bags of raw asbestos fiber into a large mixer on a daily basis.

He was given no warnings about asbestos hazards nor was he given a mask or respirator.

Forty years later Joe was diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of this exposure. He was retired and living in another state at the time of his diagnosis.

McDermott-Hickey quickly filed suit on behalf of Joe and his wife Ellen and did a videotaped deposition to preserve Joe’s testimony regarding his exposure.

Joe faded quickly and died of mesothelioma. McDermott Hickey filed for Worker’s Compensation Death benefits on behalf of Ellen.

RESULT: The exposure evidence developed by McDermott-Hickey was so strong that the employer did not even challenge Ellen’s claim. She was awarded bi-monthly death benefits for the rest of her life which has helped her live in dignity which she certainly deserves after losing her husband to a horrible occupational disease.