Mesothelioma: Ship Exposure

mesothelioma jone's act claim ship multimillion dollar settlement

John was referred to McDermott-Hickey by his family attorney after being diagnosed with mesothelioma.

He was exposed to asbestos during years as an engineer aboard Great Lakes ships hauling coal and iron ore.

Later, he received further exposure working in a steel mill.

We filed a lawsuit on behalf of John and his spouse against the manufacturers of asbestos containing products and equipment that he was exposed to aboard ship.

We also filed a Jone’s Act claim against the ship-owner.

The Jone’s Act is a special Federal Law which allows injured seamen like John to bring compensation claims against the ship’s owner.

RESULTS: After conducting discovery, including depositions and summary judgement motions, Kevin and Chip negotiated a combined multimillion dollar settlement prior to trial for John and his wife.

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