Mesothelioma: Ship Exposure

mesothelioma asbestos widow two million dollar settlement

Charley worked as a deckhand on a Great Lake’s ore boat as a young man where he was exposed to asbestos insulation used on steam-lines throughout the ship.

He later became a union painter and worked at a number of industrial sites in northeast Ohio where he also came in contact with asbestos products.

After being retired a few years he began to feel sore in his right shoulder. He thought it was just “old age” but his wife encouraged him to see their doctor.

After various tests were conducted, including a biopsy, his doctors told him he had mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure. He was 68. Charley turned to McDermott-Hickey for help.

After meeting with Charley several times and getting his complete work and exposure history, we filed suit on behalf of Charley and his wife against the manufacturers and suppliers of the asbestos products he used during his career.

Because he worked as a seaman on the Great Lakes we were also able to file a Jones Act claim on his behalf against the ship owner. Discovery and depositions were conducted by both sides.

RESULTS: Settlements of more than two million dollars were obtained for Charley prior to trial.

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