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Railroad Exposure To Asbestos?

Railroad workers are at an increased risk of injury simply due to the nature of the job.

However, the railroad industry has exacerbated the situation through the use of dangerous chemicals, solvents, and materials like asbestos that cause injury and illness to railroad workers. If you or a loved one are a railroad worker and have been diagnosed with an illness, you may be eligible for compensation under FELA, or the Federal Employers Liability Act.

What Is FELA?

FELA is designed to provide railroad workers with legal remedy in the event that they are not covered under workers’ compensation and have been injured on the job. Under FELA, railroad workers have the right to sue their employers for injuries suffered on the job or illnesses that can be directly traced back to products, chemicals, or materials used while on the job.

Mesothelioma & Asbestos

The railroad industry utilized asbestos – a toxic substance that while regarded highly for its flame retardant properties, was found to directly cause fatal lung cancer – widely before the substance became outlawed in the late 1970s. However, since asbestos-related diseases take decades to develop and become symptomatic, many railroad workers are being diagnosed with these diseases even when the exposure occurred years ago. The railroad industry may still be using products that contain asbestos, exposing new generations and creating future health issues for today’s railroad worker.

Toxic Encephalopathy

The railroad industry also utilized dangerous solvents and chemicals that can have a profound effect on the brain between the 1960s and the 1990s. Symptoms of exposure to these chemicals include depression and mood swings, memory loss, and reduced mental functioning. If you have been experiencing these symptoms and were exposed to solvents and chemicals in the railroad industry, you may be suffering from undiagnosed toxic encephalopathy.