The following job site(s) have been found to have asbestos exposure in Bellaire:

  • 1 Hour Martinizing

  • Alexander’s Garage

  • Bellaire Clinic

  • Bellaire Enamel Company

  • Bellaire Garment Works

  • Bellaire Housing

  • Bellaire High School

  • Bellaire Hospital

  • Bonfini Mobile Homes

  • Cervelli Motor Company

  • Delta Concrete & Arrow Block

  • DeVendras Citgo Garage

  • Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

  • Dubois Garage

  • Imperial Glass

  • Napa Auto Parts

  • Phillips Stamping

  • Gravel Hill Grade School

  • Rose Hill Towers

  • Rose Hill Grade School

  • Scotts Service Station

  • St. John’s Grade School

  • Sickless Glass

  • St. John’s High School

  • West Bellaire Grade School

  • U.S. Post Office

  • Valley Construction Co.

McDermott & Hickey have reason to believe asbestos exposure from these Ohio locations could be responsible for mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other forms of cancer. If you or a loved one worked in Bellaire at one of these locations, please contact McDermott & Hickey today online or by phone at (877) 303-6379.