Juul Vaping Addiction Lawsuits


We are working on cases related to JUUL vaping addiction. These devices have been marketed to young people with candy and fruity flavors and promoted as harmless vapor pens. Many young people don’t even know the devices contain a very high amount of nicotine.

As a result, there has been a large increase in the number of teens using JUUL vaping devices. Nicotine is not only addictive; it is harmful to adolescents’ health and brain development. In addition to nicotine, vape liquid contains other harmful and carcinogenic chemicals.

We are looking at cases involving adolescent addiction and injuries including seizures, strokes, lung problems, and cardiovascular problems related to the use of JUUL vaping devices. If you or a loved one has used JUUL vaping devices and are seeking legal advice, please call McDermott & Hickey today at 216-712-7452 for a free consultation.