A couple days following a late summer storm Laurie woke up and took the family dog for a walk. She took her normal route around the block and cut through a path through the bushes into her back yard. Laurie had no idea that a downed power line was hidden in the foliage. She came in contact with the wire and was killed instantly. Laurie didn’t know that there was a downed wire in her yard, but the Power Company did. The family turned to the lawyers at McDermott-Hickey for help. We filed suit on behalf of Laurie’s family. After a hard fought discovery battle we learned that the downed line had been reported to the defendant power company days before Laurie was killed. We hired the top experts in the field who reviewed the evidence including the actions and the negligent inaction by the defendant power company. The experts concluded that the defendant was not responding to the most dangerous hazards such as the 7000 volt downed line that killed Laurie.

RESULTS: On the eve of trial the family accepted a multi-million dollar settlement. They sincerely hoped the defendant power company would change its procedures so that no other family had to suffer such a loss.


Fire Victim

Maggie was a middle aged woman who lived alone on the third floor of a three unit rental property. She awoke one night choking on smoke from a fire that started in the unit below her. She tried escaping out the door but the smoke was too thick. The fire escape had been boarded over. She spent the last minutes of her life on the phone with a 911 operator begging for help. By the time the firemen were able to reach her it was too late. They found her lying on the bathroom floor dead from asphyxiation. The family turned to McDermott-Hickey for help. We demanded that the landlord’s insurer pay the policy limits to Maggie’s daughters. The insurance company inexplicably refused. We filed suit and hired the top experts in the fire investigation field. They determined the cause was electrical. The wiring of the rental unit was out of code. Through discovery we learned that for years the landlord had electrical work done without ever getting permits or inspections from the city.

RESULTS: A confidential settlement was reached prior to trial.

*Above are descriptions of cases previously handled by Chip Hickey and Kevin McDermott. Most cases, of any type, are resolved prior to trial and the terms of the settlement are normally confidential. The Case Summaries listed below are intended to give prospective clients some information about our experience in handling different types of cases. This is by no means a list of every case that we’ve handled over our many years of practice. In many of the following summaries we have had to change the name of the client and are prohibited from disclosing settlement amounts due to Confidentiality Agreements. This is not meant to be a guarantee of any recovery. Each case stands on it’s own particular set of facts.