Trucking Accidents

College Honor Student

Marie was an honor student driving back to her college on the east coast after Christmas break. A truck she never saw sideswiped her car sending her crashing off the highway. Marie suffered severe injuries and remained in a coma for several days. The driver of the truck fled the scene leaving Marie unconscious and abandoned on a deserted highway. Fortunately for Marie, a witness to the event stopped to help and alerted the Highway Patrol. McDermott-Hickey went to battle on behalf of Marie. She had sustained among other injuries, traumatic brain injury (TMI) which severely affected her ability to think clearly and retain information. She would never be the same. The trucking company hired experts who blamed Marie for the accident, refused to turn over key documents and fought Marie’s case every step of the way. McDermott-Hickey retained the top experts in the field who were able to prove that the truck driver was speeding and caused the accident. They also fought hard to force the trucking company to turn over all the key documents and internal investigations they conducted. 

RESULT: On the eve of trial, the trucking company agreed to pay Marie a confidential multi-million dollar settlement.

Plant Worker Widow

Bobby was a young man traveling in a three-car caravan of workers traveling on business. When one of the vehicles had engine problems the three cars all pulled over off the highway to offer assistance. A speeding truck plowed into the back of the first vehicle setting off a chain reaction which knocked Bobby over the guardrail causing him injury. The trucking company denied any liability and falsely claimed the first vehicle was partially on the highway. McDermott-Hickey retained top experts, including an accident re-constructionist to prove that the truck driver was at fault. 

RESULT: Following a mediation a substantial confidential settlement was reached for Bobby.

*Above are descriptions of cases previously handled by Chip Hickey and Kevin McDermott. Most cases, of any type, are resolved prior to trial and the terms of the settlement are normally confidential. The Case Summaries listed below are intended to give prospective clients some information about our experience in handling different types of cases. This is by no means a list of every case that we’ve handled over our many years of practice. In many of the following summaries we have had to change the name of the client and are prohibited from disclosing settlement amounts due to Confidentiality Agreements. This is not meant to be a guarantee of any recovery. Each case stands on it’s own particular set of facts.